The beginning of a beautiful friendship: Bumble and Bumble.

Photo on 21-05-2017 at 20.32.jpgYou know when you’re on a night out in a club and meet a girl in the bathroom that is everything you’ve ever been looking for in a friend? She’s really complimentary, she smells really nice but most importantly, she gets you. This was how I felt with Bumble and Bumble BB Curl Anti-Humidity Gel-Oil.

I came across this product at my first proper curly hair cut at Open Salon in Berkhamsted, Hertfordshire (Tom Ford, you are a star). When Tom put it on to my hair I was sceptical having become used to products that soaked in but didn’t do anything to combat frizz (the mortal enemy). To say I was happy with the product would be an understatement.

The back of the 190ml tub states ‘for glossy, elongated curls’ and that is not a lie. It comes out as a gel but it’s not sticky and when you put it into your hair it coats the curls, making them feel smooth not heavy. I only air dry my hair (the years of heat damage has not been kind so i’m paying my curls back in air time) and the product leaves a lovely texture to my hair with no frizz! One more time for the sceptics, NO FRIZZ! My only boohoo would be that it can have the tendency to make my hair a little crispy, however I’m unsure if that’s me being too heavy handed with the product as you don’t need a lot or whether it’s the air drying as when my hairdresser uses it with a diffuser I don’t have the crisp. A few scrunches throughout the day soon gets rid of the crisp and my hair is durable and I am able to touch it without it getting bushy. I also love that I have straight bits left over from the GHD years and with a bit of scrunching using my hands, this product manages to curl those bits up too, meaning I don’t look strange throughout the day.

All in all, an allrounder of a product.

The Good: Lightweight and thin, you don’t need much product and keeps the curls curly with no frizz. Bonus point for smelling like a bleeding Jo Malone product!

The Bad: If you use too much it goes crispy (no-one likes crispy curls).

The Ugly: The price! At £30 a pot, it is eye-wateringly expensive especially as us curl girls know, we get through product like water. However, for what you get up top, it seems like a no brainer to pay.

Go forth and try this product, be converted, get a new pal for your hair!

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Curl Girl x


Curls, the girl & the first post.

Hi! That’s me up there, sitting on my bed on a Sunday, being a bit cringe on Photo Booth and thinking that it’s just the right time to start a blog on a subject that I know so much about – curly hair – and not just any curly hair but those types of curls that are unruly, frizzy, awkward, wild and unapologetic! From this blog expect the following things:

  • Products that I recommend and test run for you (so you don’t have to)
  • Rants (why is my type of hair deemed unprofessional)
  • Tears (Carrie Bradshaw’s hair is NOT real)
  • Anything else that pops up in my messy brain

But first, a little about me I guess!

All my life I have hated my hair. Whilst everyone was playing with those little braid-your-hair-gadgets, I was sat with my mum trying to pull a brush through my mane. I really did think that I was bound to a life of GHD’s and umbrellas until one day I looked in the mirror and thought ‘Hey, it’s not so bad, learn to LIKE YOURSELF! ‘. So that’s what i’m doing! A little at a time and hey it’s not easy but you have to start somewhere! So what is a girl to do when for the past 14 years you’ve had a completely different do? Buy a trillion products and find that none of them work, go to a billion different hairdressers who “specialise” in curly hair but straighten it to cut it (logic?), cry a bit in the shower and wonder “is the curl life really for me?” yes, yes it is! It just takes time.

Now fast forward to today, i’m starting to get to grips with the curl life a little (hey it’s not so bad, I promise), not looking so frizzy anymore and feeling a bit more wise! So it’s time to share it and hopefully go on the curl girl journey with the readers.

Welcome to the blog!

Curl Girl x